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This site is changing to just a Talk of Men Page, cause a lot of these guys are getting married. So good luck to them and my their lives be filled with happiness.

Here is the list: 1.Dr. Sanjay Gupta 2.Benicio Del Toro 3.George P. Bush 4.Bill Hemmer 5.Keanu Reeves 6.John Cusack 7.Bryan White 8.Jerry O'Connell 9.Charlie O'Connell 10.Prince Felipe of Spain 11.Mark Wahlberg 12.Prince Emanuele Filiberto 13. Joey McIntyre 14.Kris Osborn 15.Tiger Woods 16.Simon Cowell 17.Prince Frederik of Denmark 18.Prince Nikolaos 19. Enrique Igesias 20.Julio Iglesias Jr. 21.Tom Cavanagh 22.Bobby Shriver 23.Patrick Kennedy 24 Dan Abrams 25.James Blake 26.Gackt 27.Ricky Martin 28.David Lauren 29.Howie Dorough 30.Jimmy Fallon 31.Harrison Ford 32.Tom Brady 33.Rick Yune 34.Orlando Bloom 35. Jon Knight 36.David Benioff 37.Ty Murry 38.Evan Marriott 39.Prince Phillip "Duke of York" 40.Shemar Moore 42.Matt Perry 43.Derek Jeter 44.Anderson Cooper 45.Harold Ford Jr. 46.Owen Wilson 47.Luke Wilson 48.Toby Maguire 49.Adel 50.Carson Daly 51.Greg Kelly 52.Matt Damon 53.Ben Affleck 54.Casey Affleck 55.Andrew Dan-Jumbo 56.Ty Pennington 57.Tommy Lee Jones 58.Kevin Costner 59.Josh Hartnett 60.Matthew McConaughey

Who do you think should be on the list?

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