Prettyboy Bachelors Page 4
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22.Bobby Shriver
Pull out some tissues ladies. This is Bobby Shriver. You don't hear about him much even though his entire family is constantly talked about in the media. He is like the rest of the Shriver men. He's a lawyer. He's smart and he's got a great smile. But remember I said pull out some tissue. You see he was rumored to be dating Lauren Bessette, when his cousin John's plane went down. I'm sure most of the world remembers that. I did, cause I believed I was in love with JFK Jr, and if he would have meet me first, before he meet Carolyn. I'm sure I would have his baby right now, but we'd all be dead. Well Bobby is still alive, and he's beautiful. I think to impress him you should defend his family, cause they need it.

23.Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy son of Edward Kennedy. Do you think he is like his dad? Well he is a politician. He is considered to be the smartest person in his family. He became successful in politics at a younger age than anybody in his family did. He's still single, and I bet he would make a wonderful husband, I'd like to meet him, but who ever marries into this family would have to put up with to much politics. Your husband would be in politics, your father-in-law would be in politics and you would probably have to raise your kids to be president someday. So to impress him, I guess you better like politics.

24.Dan Abrams
He was voted one of People magazines Sexiest Bachelors in 2001. Women on line can't seem to get enough of him. His dad Floyd Abrams is one of the top First Amendment attorneys in the country. He is also a lawyer who never had a law practice, instead he went straight to work at Court TV and then to NBC News. I think to impress him you should be a vegetarian, like he is rumored to be, and be obsessed with the Laci Peterson Case, cause lots of people think he is that too.
25.James Blake
Born: Yonkers, NY on December 28, 1979
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 170lbs.
Current Ranking (Champions Race): 272002 Year-End Ranking: 28
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Lives and Trains : Saddlebrook (Tampa, FL)
Coach: Brian Barker
College: Harvard University
Agent: Carlos Fleming

This Pretty bachelor was chosen for this page by Heather, read her statment on him:

Heather: Hey, have you seen James Blake the tennis player? He is a hot bachelor. Smart as hell, he went to Harvard, is one of the top ranked tennis players in the world, also an IMG model. Get him on your list!

This bachelor was chosen by Joy. Read what she has to say about him:

Joy: I don't know where you went to see pictures of Gackt. He does look like a girl in a lot of them. There are somewhere he was even dressed up as a girl deliberately. He is a rocker, after all. He started out in a genre of music that was inspired by 80's glam rock bands (where all the guys wore makeup) as well as rockers like David Bowie, who was famous for his gender bending. Androgyny is very popular in Japan when it comes to male ideals of beauty. It's another one of those double standards, I suppose. Women are supposed to look like women, but men are supposed to look like they could be either gender in a way. Here in the west, men are sexy even when they are hairy and beards are popular. In Japan, hair is almost like taboo if it's not the stuff that grows on your scalp. Here, a 5 o'clock shadow is not only okay, but also even a bit arousing for some people. Over there, you're not supposed to have hair anywhere but on the top of your head and if you do, you're considered dirty. I don't really like facial / body hair, so I guess I understand the Japanese ideals better. of course, I also like David Bowie. but you said you were looking for bachelors.

This is a photo gallery that I came across on one of the pages I have saved. The first one seems to be when he was with Malice Mizer. The second gallery looks like his first bit away from them, but he still has a bit of that goth thing going on. After that, it pretty much looks like he's a guy. Mostly. In some places he still looks girlified. Rock and roll men are so weird.

27.Ricky Martin
Well I've heard all the gay rumors too. Considering I'm not gay, I hope he's not either. But if he is, oh well, that's his business. He is still nice to look at, and he has said he would like to have a bunch of kids in past interviews. So maybe he wants a woman too. I think to impress him you need to let him be alone sometimes, because reports say he loves his time alone.

28.David Lauren
He is now being called the Crown Prince of Seventh Avenue. You may remember David in People's most eligible bachelor issue. He was standing with his brother Andrew. I couldn't find any pictures of Andrew or he would be here with his brother David on the list, because they are both beautiful men. David is the son of billionaire clothing king Ralph Lauren, and he is now an advertising big wig on the internet at polo .com for his father's company. I love men who love their family and he seems to hold his dad in high regards. I think to impress him you should dress really nice, maybe let him dress you if you can get that lucky.

29.Howie Dorough
Would you like to be serenaded by a beautiful Latino Backstreet boy? Just look in to those Spanish eyes, and think about it for a minute. He is reported to be sweet on some singer girl, but maybe if you can sing better than her you can steal him or something. I'm just kidding. I don't want you to be a home wrecker, but he's not married yet so maybe you still got a chance. I think to impress him you should be musically inclined.

30.Jimmy Fallon
Do you need a beautiful man to make you laugh? Here he is SNL's Jimmy Fallon. I think to impress him you should crack a good joke every 2 minutes or so.