Prettyboy Bachelors Page 6
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  34.Orlando Bloom You may remember this guy as the blond elf in "Lord of the Rings." Well guess what he's not really blond or an elf, but I bet he has magical powers, over women anyway. He recently was in a new released film called "Pirates of the Caribbean," which I just recently went to see and may I say I got wet watching him. I think to impress him you should be good with touching his sword.

  35.Jon Knight Now you know because I'm a real estate agent, I would have to put a pretty real estate agent man on the bachelor list. This is also an old New Kid On The Block guy. Remember him? He's the New Kid, who never wanted to be famous. You admit it. In their time of the 80's you probably loved their music and won't tell anyone that you liked it now. After Jon said on TV's VH1 interview that he was in love with singer Tiffany when he was a younger guy that just made me think ahhh how sweet. I would buy a house from this guy just so I could get him to drive me around in his car or something to look for one. You know that's what us real estate agents do. We cater to people's needs, while searching for their dream home. I think to impress him you should pretend you want to buy a very expensive house.

  36.David Benioff This guy should be considered the sexiest novelist ever seen. He was on People Magazine most eligible bachelor list. You can see a few every sexy pictures of him on the web just put David Benioff on your search box and you will see him under titles of his book turn big screen movie "The 25th Hour." Looking at pictures of him will make you wet. So look with caution. I think to impress him you should be into reading and thriller stories.