Prettyboy Bachelor Page 7
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37.Ty Murry
A Seven Time Rodeo Champion. He is also singer Jewels main squeeze. It was rumored they had a little brake up recently, and than got back together, so if she dumps him again maybe you can mend his broken fences. Some info on him below:
DATE OF BIRTH October 11, 1969
WEIGHT150 pounds
HEIGHT 5 feet, 8 inches
EVENTS Bull RidingBareback RidingSaddle Bronc Riding
COLLEGE Odessa College, TX
INTERESTS Roping, Ranch Work
EARNINGS 1994 ,1701993 ,8961992 ,9921991 ,2311990 ,7721989 ,806

I think to impress him you should sing to him or ride bucking horses and break your arm or something. Just do what ever Jewel is doing, cause she looks like she has him wrapped around her pretty little pinky finger.

38.Evan Marriott
Well he lied and women loved him anyway. Joe Millionaire Bachelor Evan Marriott has been rumored to be using the money he made off the show to go back to college. Well good for him. Since it didn't work out between him and Zara maybe you can make out with him now. He does seem to have a body under that shirt, but he doesn't seem to have much in his skull. I think to impress him you should lie to him a lot.