Prettyboy Bachelors Page 8
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39.Prince Phillip "The Duke of York"
Well since he seems to refuse to take Fergie back. Maybe girls who wish to be a his Duchess of York can get their chance. What do you think? Personally I think he's not looking for a commitment , but I think he would play a little. So maybe hang out naked on his yacht to impress him. Other girls have.
40.Shemar Moore
I really don't think I should have to say much about this guy that the picture can't say for itself. Can you hear that picture talking? It is screaming at me. Mr. Moore is an actor, who has stared in "Birds of Prey" and "The Young and The Restless" and he looks young and restless. He's actually 33 and looking good. I think to impress him you need to look as good as he does and that is going to be really hard.

41.Matt Perry
Need a friend? Well I heard he sure does. It was rumored Matt flipped over "Legally Blonde" star Selma Blair. Than Selma ditched him for some dude named Jason. Rumor also says Matt is fresh out of rehab and fighting depression. Maybe you can make this handsome man happy. I think to impress him you should be as sweet as you can, cause I think his heart is tenor.

42.David Filo
David Filo ranked number 7 on Fortune Magazines 40 RICHEST UNDER 40 list. He is the Chief Co-Founder of Yahoo Internet. He's 36 and his wealth is reported as million. I think to impress this guy you should find a way to prove your not after his money.
43.Derek Jeter
New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter: 27, 6-foot-2, four World Series rings; his ideal woman - "Someone who understands baseball. I'd have to be with someone willing to deal with all the attention." Well from his own words I guess that's the best way to impress him.
44.Anderson Cooper
Well I don't know for sure, but I heard he's single. He's a pretty critter and I love his nose. Don't ask me why. I think the best way to impress him is to be able to handle him talking all the time. You know that is his job, cause he is CNN's main man these days.
Harold Ford Jr.
He was the youngest person elected to Congress in 1996, at 26, Ford has been dubbed a representative of a new generation of political leaders. My friend Sindhu wanted him on the bachelor list, so she may know how to impress him, better than me. If you want post a message for her at
But my guess at impressing him would be to know alot about politics.