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46.Owen Wilson
Owen is well known in many films. He has been rumored to be dating Sheryl Crow. If he is not strong enough to be her man, maybe you can sing to him. He don't have to be that strong for me. What do you think? I think to impress him you should be famous. I think he's likes famous women and it runs in the family.

The Wilson Brothers
Brothers Luke, Owen, and Andrew take a walk along the beach. They are all actors. Andrew is married, but Luke and Owen are still single. They are all pretty. Care to move in on this family?
47.Luke Wilson
Luke is coming up in the world of Hollywood actors. Almost up there with his brother Owen, with Legally Blonde being under his belt now. He was rumored to date Drew Barrymore, but states they are just friends now. To impress him, just like his brother, I think you need to be famous.
48.Toby Maguire
Toby was at one time rumored to be dating Nicole Kidman, after her brake up with the Tom. I don't know how true that is and I never see him publicized with a woman. He played a great Spiderman and a lot of women want to be in his web. I think to impress him you should let him wrap you all up, if you can get that lucky.
He's a singer in the band 2b3. The biggest French Boyband With 2 Million copies sold in France is about to storm the world with their debut English album produced by Desmond Child, 3 times nominee at Grammy Awards. I think to impress him. Well %#!&%@#! damn, I don't have a clue, but I sure wish I knew.

50.Carson Daly
Carson Daly was Born on June 22, 1973 and raised in Santa Monica, California, Carson Daly aspired to become a priest or a professional golfer before venturing into radio. He soon was offered a job from the station KOME and later moved onto the influential KROQ before MTV offered him a job as VJ in 1996. To find out how to impress him you should go post that question for Kim at Infohunks cause she might know better than me, but I think maybe you should be a nun.
51.Greg Kelly.
This lovely man was by brought to my attention by Sharon.
Greg Kelly Bio -
Greg Kelly, an Atlanta-based correspondent for the FOX News Channel (FNC), joined the network in November 2002. Most recently, he provided extensive coverage on Operation Iraqi Freedom and was embedded with the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade. He was the first television reporter to deliver live pictures to the world of U.S. forces infiltrating Baghdad on April 5th. Two days later, Kelly captured another exclusive during the storming of Saddam's presidential palace. Prior to joining FNC, Kelly served as a reporter for New York 1 News, where he covered New York City politics. Prior to his stint there, Kelly served as an anchor for the morning news program at WIVT-TV (ABC) in Binghamton, NY. Before pursing his career in journalism, Kelly spent nine years as a fighter jet pilot in the United States Marine Corps. During his military service, Kelly amassed 158 aircraft carrier landings and flew over Iraq in Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the United Nations imposed "No-Fly Zone." He currently holds the rank of Major in the Marine Corp Reserves. Kelly graduated from Fordham University (1991) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

To know what might impress him you should maybe ask Sharon at Prettyboys.

The 3 Musketeers: 52.Matt Damon, 53.Ben Affleck, and 54.Casey Affeck
All 3 boys are still single, but it's rumored Ben will tie the knot with Jennifer Lopez in September of this year. Matt Damon is rumored to have a blond supermodel actress girlfriend, and Casey you really don't hear much about him. He hasn't had his day in the sun yet. I think that's why he is the best one out of all the boys, because he still has a little bit of mystery about him. You can read in the papers ever time his brother Ben farts in public. Maybe we get a little to much information on Ben and Matt, but these 3 men were chosen by my on line friend Sindhu to be on the bachelor page. If you want her opinion on them go post her a message at Prettyboys

55.Andrew Dan- Jumbo.
The multi-talented Andrew Dan-Jumbo joins the cast of While You Were Out as a craftsman and general contractor. Born in Nigeria and raised in Shoreham, England, a coastal town near London, Andrew attended St. Martin's College of Art & Design in London, and came to the U.S. shortly thereafter. He lived in San Diego, California, where he honed his surfing skills. After a few years, Andrew returned to England where he began a career as a freelance graphic designer. In 1991, Andrew returned to the U.S. to reside and, with his brother, co-founded "Eurotek," a commercial and residential construction company that specializes in restaurant and new home developments in Buffalo, New York. In addition to his extensive craftsman skills, Andrew models for several high fashion runway agencies in upstate New York — a vocation he's been involved in since college. When he's not building and designing for While You Were Out, Andrew enjoys cooking, surfing, and anything else that's remotely athletic. This beautiful man was chosen by my freind Guava. If you want more info on him post a message for her at Infohunks.

56.Ty Pennington
Toss together some art history, an interest in design, and a hammer and what do you get? Carpenter Ty Pennington, that's what. Ty's background includes modeling and acting, as well. When he's not sharing screentime with the designers, Ty polishes his carpentry skills for clients in his Atlanta-based business. This lovely critter was also chosen for the bachelor page by my on line friend Guava. If you want to know more about him post a message for her at Infohunks.
57.Tommy Lee Jones
This man was chosen by Samantha Pedigo. My friend and co-worker. He's a interesting critter. Here is some info on him.

D.O.B: September 15, 1946
Place of Birth: San Saba, Tx, USA
Katherine Lardner (ex-wife)
Kimberlea Cloughley (ex-wife)
Children: Austin, Victoria
Education:Harvard University, B.A. English