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1.Dr. Sanjay Gupta
I think to impress this man you should be a doctor, cause he is considered to be a brilliant brain surgeon. It probably wouldn't hurt if you were Indian too, because I heard he is Hindu, and Indian women love this man. Well I love this man too, and I am a butt white Irish women. Yet I have spoken to many Indian women on line, and I think Sanjay is to the Indian community, a symbol of respect and honor for his people. He is a member of many Indian organizations. He does a lot of public speaking for Asian groups as well, and he is on a mission to educate the public about medicine. Also I heard to impress him you should like watching Michigan sport teams.

2.Benicio Del Toro
I want you to know it was very difficult for me to choose between Sanjay and Benicio. I will admit to having a few wet dreams about both of them. Benicio seems so calm and quite. He is like a mystery man. He lives in the public eye, but the general public really does not know that much about him. I would think to impress him you should probably be an actress, though I have heard he has had a relationship with an actress and it didn't work out. He's a Oscar winning actor, but maybe he will cross your path someday, and you can catch his eye.
3.George P. Bush
Well this could be the love of your life, but I have been reading in recent articles that George is in love. I have read he now has a girlfriend, who lives in Texas named Jennifer Williams. Oh the hearts that will break when this man gets taken off the eligible bachelor list. He may be the one thing, that won the election for his uncle in the year 2000, the freaky election. What do you think? He is becoming a lawyer, and I have read he is doing well in his studies, and may be planning a political career move. There is a on line article that says he will be president in the year 2013. So who wants to be his first lady? I think to impress this man you should be passionate to make the world a better place, and want to do something spectacular and positive with your life, but the competition is tough, I heard Brittney Spears wants him.
4.Bill Hemmer
This man keeps his love life so private, he will probably take it to the grave with him. It has been stated on other websites, that he has said "he is still searching for the exclusive Mrs. Hemmer." I find it hard to believe he can't find the exclusive Mrs. Hemmer, when so many women are dreaming of getting the job. He is surround by pretty news women everyday, because he is now the main host of American Mornings on CNN. You should do what I do, and set your alarm clock everyday to wake up to this beautiful man. It is such a lovely morning to wake up, and see Bill, even if the news he is reporting on is bad. Just image if you could marry him, and wake up everyday and see him in person. For a lot of women that would be a dream come true. I think to impress him you should be a strong Catholic, because it has been reported he is a deep believing Catholic and he believes in being humble.
5.Keanu Reeves
The famous, but infamous actor. He is also a man who tries to keep a low profile, but cannot, because there is to many women who want him. He claims he is not dating anybody right now, but it is rumored his old flame actress Amanda De'Cadenet is still in the front of the line with him. I think to impress him you should be into music, as he is a bass player for his band called Dogstar, and it probably wouldn't hurt to be an actress too.
6.John Cusack
Birthdate: June 28, 1966
Birthplace: Evanston, Illinois
Occupations: Actor, Director, Writer, Producer
Quote: "I don't want to be involved in anything that's jingoistic or sensationalistic...People in Hollywood don't think about the moral ramifications of what they do. They're trying to make a buck, and they continually whitewash history. A movie like Top Gun drives up army enlistments because people think they're going to get to fly jets and meet Kelly McGillis, when in reality, they're going to be chipping paint off an aircraft carrier." --Premiere magazine, June 1990

Claim to Fame: Loveable, romantic sweetie Lloyd Dahbler in Say Anything (1989),128,3869,00.html
7.Bryan White
You can't get any sweeter than him. Bryan could sprout angel wings and fly. He is Oklahoma's pride and joy. I would know, because I went to the same Oklahoma Institute of Music as he did in Oklahoma City. We both studied music under Joe Suttlemires. Bryan makes me proud. I have always adored him. He is beautiful, kind and no one in the world could deserve success as much as he does. He has earned it. It has been rumored, he has a girl friend, but last time I saw him, I did not ask her name, because I figured he deserves his privacy. I think to impress him you need to be a kind, caring, mature lady, and it might not be a bad idea to play a few musical instruments, because he highly respects musicians.