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8.Jerry O'Connell
Now let's talk about brotherly love; are they not beautiful brothers? Their momma should have had a bunch more like these two. It would be nice to have 100 O'Connell brothers, if they all turned out as good as these two did, but sorry there is only two. Jerry is the older brother. He seems to be publicized as a fun loving guy, who has stated in past interviews that he is not good at keeping a steady relationship. He says part of the reason is girls accuse him of spending to much time with his brother, who lives upstairs from him in the same apartment complex. Well I don't know who did that to him, but if it is any consolation to him, I think the girls should consider themselves lucky to hang out with not just one, but two beautiful men. Jerry is a graduate from NYC, and his old co-workers from his hit scifi show sliders say "he is so smart." He has recently been in the comedy movie Kangaroo Jack, and seems to be coming up in ranks as a big screen Hollywood actor. I think to impress him you should enjoy hanging out with him and his brother too.
Charlie O'Connell
This is the beautiful brother who has not yet had his day in the sun, but if I could choose who gets a day in the spot light, I would choose him. He is publicized as being very close to his family; both of his parents are art teachers. His dad made a statement once saying "we are a very artsy family." It must run in the blood. Both brothers are 6 foot 4 inches tall and wouldn't you like to climb up those mountains. I think to impress him you should enjoy being with him and his family too.
10.Prince Felipe of Spain
I would have to say that there are billions of women who dream of this man. I'm guilty. Who will be the next Queen of Spain is on everyone's mind. The problem is you got to be good enough in the eyes of the world. It has been reported his last girlfriend, an underwear model, was not liked by Prince Felipe's mother Queen Sophia, and the country of Spain didn't want her to be the next Queen. I kinda feel pity on her. Well Prince Felipe speaks 5 languages and is well educated. If you want to impress him, you better be liked and excepted by his momma and the entire world.
11.Mark Wahlberg
The rapper boy turned movie star. I don't know about you, but I like him much more as an adult. He has blossomed in my eyes as a beautiful, mature, interesting, young man. It was reported that he stated in a past interview "I wish I was married." Well I know a lot of women who want that place in his life. I think to impress him you should be intelligent, or maybe well educated, because his last girlfriend was a Harvard girl and he might like to show her up.
12.Prince Emanuele Filiberto
This pretty prince was just recently allowed to step foot on his home country of Italy. After his grandfather and family was exiled during WWII for having a friendly relationship with the German government. Since then the females of the country have put him at the top of Italy's most eligible bachelor list. He's a prettyboy with lots of blond hair and blue eyes, now tell me does that sound Italian? I don't think so, but whatever blood line he is, it makes him lovely to look at. His father has stated "he is the most wonderful son in the world." I think to impress him you should be nice to his family, because they have been treated so bad.
13.Joey McIntyre
The ex-New Kid on the Block gone solo. America watched this boy, grow from a pretty high pitched voiced little boy, to a sexy blue eyed man. Those eyes could glow in the dark they are so shiny. He's absolutely beautiful. He seems like a nice, laid back guy, so I think to impress him you should just be yourself.
Kris Osborn
This sexy CNN man seems to be stirring up a fuss among the women on the internet. Well why shouldn't he, just look at that beautiful critter. All that pretty blond hair, perfect teeth, and he seems like the kinda guy you could take home to mamma. I read on the internet he has a girlfriend that lives in another state. Well maybe if that don't work out, you can get your shot with him. I think to impress him you should just be cool.

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