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15.Tiger Woods
Care for golf? Well I think women have gotten more interested in the game since Tiger came on the golf circuit. What do you think? He's an idol and role model to young people, and women adore him. One problem with that, he has a steady girl named Elin Nordegren, but you never know she hadn't taken him to the altar yet, so maybe you can. I think to impress him you should be quite on the golf course, because he hates it when people make noise.

16.Simon Cowell
Mr. Nasty is pretty sexy. What do you think? He maybe rude and cruel to wanna be stars, but women still wanna be with him. I think to impress him you should be blunt and always speak your mind, and if you don't have a strong opinion about something, than fake one.

17.Prince Frederik of Denmark
Oh girls I cometh, baring bad news. It's rumored Prince Frederik is in love with a Aussie real estate agent. So who is crying? Go ahead and blow your nose and read the rest of this. It's also rumored the royal family is coaching the young Aussie to deal with the public life of a Royal. Well you never know what will happen, so chin up Wilber! He ain't hitched yet. I think to impress him you need to be the Aussie real estate agent he is in love with.

18.Prince Nicolaos
He's the younger brother of Prince Pavlos of Greece. He's not married yet, and he's almost never talked about. I think he likes it that way. He works as an accountant at a bank in London. He's beautiful, bright and he can defiantly catch some eyes. He caught mine. He hangs out with a lot with the royals like Prince Frederik above and I think to impress him you would have to fit in with the royal click.

19.Enrique Igesias
Well with Anna out of the way, there might be room for you to slide in. What do you think? I don't know! This guy is so hot, I'd be to scared to get burned. It's also been reported that Enrique and his brother Julio, pictured down below, have some freaky thing about lov'in women's feet. Does that run in the family or something? Weird!!! I think to impress him you need to be a godess with godess feet.

20.Julio Iglesias Jr.
We'll just call them the foot lov'in brothers. You know I do think Julio is adorable, but it's weird that if you want to impress him you better clean up your stinky feet or paint your toe nails and tie a big pink bow around your toe or something. See weird!

21. Tom Cavanagh
This bachelor was choosen by Ms. Ster. or Mr. Ster. I don't really know. Here is his bio. Tom Cavanagh stars in the title role of a man who firmly believes in second chances, both in life and love. His critically acclaimed performance has earned him a Golden Globe nomination as well as last year's TV Guide Award for Favorite Actor in a New Series. In its premiere season, won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy Series. Cavanagh was born in Ottawa, Canada, the second child of five children. When he was 6, his parents moved the family to a small village in the West African nation of Ghana. His father set up an education program to train local teachers in modern methods of learning while his mother taught the village locals.

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